Three Peaks Challenge

Planning on tackling Britain’s most controversial challenge? Follow these guidelines to ensure you're a responsible challenge participant...

Every year thousands of people head to our mountains to complete the National 3 Peaks Challenge, with the aim of climbing the 3 highest peaks in Wales, England and Scotland (Snowdon, Scafell Pike and Ben Nevis). With increasing numbers and awareness of the negative impacts of the challenge on local communities, we encourage people to take at least three days for their challenge - making it more sustainable and more enjoyable. It's an adventure that, for many, can kick start a life-long love of all things hilly. But here’s the downside: sometimes ‘Three Peakers’ get so caught up in the thrill of it, they forget their manners. Of course you’re all considerate, thoughtful individuals. But even the best of us can forget ourselves especially if we don‘t want to disappoint our sponsors. If you're taking the most popular route up Scafell Pike from Wasdale Head, don’t be ‘just another Three-Peaker’, give the adventure the planning and attention it deserves, and follow the guidelines below to minimise any negative impacts on the small farming community and spectacular natural environment in Wasdale and on Scafell Pike.

Snowdon, Scarfell and Ben Nevis. Responsible 3 Peaks Challenge.


Follow the signs and park at Lake Head car park (GR NY 182 074) – open 24 hours with limited toilet facilities available. There’s a charge for parking, with your fees contributing to the work of our National Trust upland rangers maintaining the main routes up Scafell Pike. Do not park in passing places, Mountain rescue access points, private tracks or gateways, roadside verges or on the village green – this leads to serious problems of access, litter, fouling and noise for residents and visitors. Please don’t use laybys or passing places as a drop off/collection point as this causes significant congestion. Keep numbers of vehicles to a minimum.  Coaches cannot drive to Wasdale Head.


Toilet facilities in the valley are limited - use alternative toilet facilities before you arrive.


Simple, take it home! 


Please be considerate of the people who live here and staying on the campsite adjacent to the car park.  Avoid anti-social hours - 2300 to 0700hrs, keep your voices down and switch your engines and headlights off!


If you’re climbing Scafell Pike from Lake Head during the early hours, please use the permissive path on the northern side of Lingmell gill to avoid Brackenclose climbing hut and disturbance to residents – turn left just after leaving the car park before the wooden bridge (GR NY 182 074). To minimise erosion please keep to paths, not the grass on their edges, and stagger start times to avoid congestion. The two main paths from Wasdale need £250,000 spent on repairs over the next 8 years to combat erosion. Show you’re a responsible three peaks participant and make a donation at to help us continue to maintain these paths for your enjoyment.

Help us to keep Wasdale a very special place for everyone to enjoy - it’s increasingly popular, and more sustainable, to complete the challenge over three days rather than 24 hours. Why not stay a while, explore, enjoy the local hospitality, and get to know the place and the people.

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Useful Downloads for achieving a successful ascent of Scafell Pike

Description of Corridor Route
Map of Corridor Route
Map of the parking at Wasdale