The Hollow Oak, Temple Sowerby

Duration:2 hours or less
Activity:For kids - things to do before you're 11¾

The hollow oak tree at Acorn Bank is slowly becoming legendary (in my humble and unbiased opinion). In older trees you quite often find small hollows, when the heartwood of the tree has become exposed, usually entirely naturally – fires, lightening, insect attack, fungi and lots more. Trees also drop branches, sometimes caused by a gust of wind sometimes the branch is no longer providing enough energy for the tree to maintain, which exposes the area where the branch was attached. Rot usually causes the hollowing, but animals can develop them further, using beaks, teeth or even claws. Hollows are amazing habitats and animals such as Owls, Bats and hundreds of invertebrates rely on them.

Acorn Bank’s hollow oak also provides excellent habitat for children and the odd adult. To find the hollow tree follow the ‘hidden acorn bank’ trail and follow the path towards the wildlife hide. The tree stands in the field and is fenced off.

Further Information

Have a look around Acorn Banks woods and see what other homes you can find… you might be surprised!

By Sam Sharples

I work as an Assistant Ranger across the extremely diverse South and East Cumbria and Morecambe Bay area. Due to the wide ranging habitats that we look after, my job is extremely diverse - one day I might be repairing a wall overlooking a sea cliff and the next, I could be coppicing in ancient woodland, 50 miles from the sea, creating habitats for birds and insects.

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