Sizergh Fell Beech circle

Duration:2 hours or less
Activity:Best Views

Sometimes, the simple things in life are the best. So why not choose a nice sunny day and head up Sizergh Fell from the car park at Sizergh Castle to simply admire. On top, not only will you find beautiful views of the Howgills, Kent Estuary and Lakeland Fells but also, on the very summit, is a circle of wonderfully gnarly and characterful old Beech trees. The trees are enclosed by a stone wall, but you can gain access through a gate on the east side. Once inside, take some time to seek out the generations of engravings (but resist the urge to add your own) and then lie yourself down in the middle of the circle, look up towards the sky and admire the cathedral of trees.

Further Information

The Beech circle was actually planted when the Fell belonged to Levens Hall, with the plan to break up the view from the house and make it more intersting.

As you walk up the fell you will notice the lumps and bumps all over the ground, each of which is an ant hills of the Yellow Meadow Ant. Ant hills are created by the ants digging the tunnels and needing to move the soil out of the way. Ants move more soil than any other organism, including worms! The ant hills are a funny dome shape. One edge of the ant hill is steep and the other sides are nicely sloped. The ants build their hills like this on purpose – the northern face of the hill is always really steep, whereas the rest of the hill is nice and sloped to try to catch as much warmth from the sun as possible!

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By Sam Sharples

I work as an Assistant Ranger across the extremely diverse South and East Cumbria and Morecambe Bay area. Due to the wide ranging habitats that we look after, my job is extremely diverse - one day I might be repairing a wall overlooking a sea cliff and the next, I could be coppicing in ancient woodland, 50 miles from the sea, creating habitats for birds and insects.

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Sizergh Car Park, Kendal

Ashbank Lane
Kendal LA8 8

Ordnance Survey OL7
The English Lakes
South Eastern area

SD 496 878

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