Run around in the rain on the shores of Windermere

Duration:2 hours or less
Activity:For kids - things to do before you're 11¾

There is inescapably plenty of rain in all corners of the Lake District, but we think the West Shore of Windermere is one of the best places to do this activity! There is a great walk along the lake shore whatever the weather, and it's even more satisfying wading through the shallows of the lapping lake in your wellies.

Now there's no excuse to sit inside when it's a wet day - wrap up warm, head to the shore and watch the raindrops dash and patter into the lake. Magical!

Further Information

Close-by there is parking at Harrowslack or you can get the car/foot ferry across.

By Paul Farrington

Growing up in North Manchester, the Lake District was always the place to visit for excitement and adventure, so it is a real thrill to actually live and work here and help other people enjoy this special place.

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Harrowslack Car Park

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