Play conkers

Duration:2 hours or less
Activity:For kids - things to do before you're 11¾

Raid the fallen conkers at The Ings woodland by Derwent Water and start your own conker league. There are plenty of places all around the Lakeland woods filled with horse chestnut trees - you could venture to Wray Castle (on the west shore of Windermere) or the woods in Little Langdale. Don’t forget the old traditions of dipping them in vinegar, baking them in the oven and keeping them in the airing cupboard to try to increase their strength!

Top tip: When trying to pick the best and toughest conkers from your collection, just drop them all into a bucket of water; those that sink to the bottom are winners, those that float are the losers.

By National Trust

How to get here

Derwent Water Car Park, Theatre by the Lake, Keswick

Lake Road
Keswick CA12 5

NY 264 229

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