Mountain biking at Grizedale

Duration:Half Day

This moderate/challenging 16.5 mile (26.5 km) trail is aimed at mountain bikers looking for a ride that goes off the beaten track and avoids the crowds. Expect fantastic views of Coniston and its surrounding fells!


  1. From the Grizedale Visitor Centre follow the Northface Trail along "Elephant's Paradise" and then "The Great Escape." At the end of the trail, rejoin the forest track and go straight on to the junction SD 323 935. Turn right and continue up the forest track and take the 3rd left SD 318 943.

  2. Turn left up bridleway signposted Parkamoor and climb track through trees. Go through gate and continue to climb the track across the fell and then descend track to Low Parkamoor. At the buildings go through gate and straight down rocky track to gate at bottom.

  3. Go through gate and climb the short, steep track to the junction at the top SD 307925. Go straight on along rocky track and climb across fell side and then descend the track down to High Nibthwaite SD 294897. Go straight through gate to the road junction and turn left onto road and continue to Nibthwaite Grange SD 296 881. Turn left up Bletherbarrow Lane and continue to a junction at the end of the tarmac SD 305 888.

  4. Go straight on keeping trees on left to a gate and turn right onto bridleway and continue up at first before the track descends down to High Ickenthwaite SD 324 895. At road junction turn Right and follow road to junction and then turn left. Continue up the road for a short distance and turn right at junction and then straight on at the next following the road over the river SD 332 893.

  5. Continue along road keeping left past the church and then take the 1st left at Thwaite Moss SD 339 898. Climb the rocky track at first and then descend to junction, then bear left onto Bridleway and descend down to road junction at Force Mills SD 339 909.

  6. At the Road junction turn right past Force Falls on your left and continue along road past car park and picnic area on Left to next juction SD 346913. Turn left onto bridleway and climb track to junction SD 344919. Go straight ahead on singletrack into trees and then descend to the road at Satterthwaite. Turn right at church and continue past the houses to a junction SD 338 924.

  7. At junction turn Right and climb the steep lane past the private drive on your left. The lane bears left and climbs to a junction at Breasty Haw SD 339 926 and then take the 1st track on right as it climbs into the trees to junction at top SD 345 929.

  8. At the junction go straight on and continue along the track, which then descends for some more downhill action to a junction with a forest track SD 348 932. Go straight on at the junction as it descends back into the trees and descend the technical singletrack down to the road junction SD 354 937.

  9. Turn left at road junction, past the bridleway signposted on right. At the junction at crest of climb turn Left onto bridleway SD 355941. Follow singletrack to a high gate. Go through gate and continue up the difficult climb, to another junction where the bridleway meets the forest track SD 351 941.

  10. Turn right onto forest track, then at next junction turn right again and continue along singletrack as it climbs and winds back into the trees, through a boggy section to a junction on your right SD 345 953.

  11. Turn right at junction onto wide forest track and continue for a short distance to next junction SD 343 950. Turn right across stream and then bear left. Stay on wide forest track to next junction on left SD 342 947.

  12. Turn left to start the final rocky descent. Near bottom bear right onto lane to road junction and then turn left back to the Visitor Centre.

By Stuart Graham

I'm a Ranger for the South Lakes property, covering Coniston and Little Langdale.

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