Looking for tawny owls

Duration:2 hours or less
Activity:Nature 'wows'

For the wildlife lovers!

We are lucky enough to have a healthy population of tawny owls living in Cock Shot Wood and on Friars Crag. If you walk down there in the evenings, especially in spring and autumn, you can hear them calling to each other. Why not try your hand at joining in with their conversations!

During the day songbirds sometimes give away their location by making a big force when they spot a tawny owl. So if you're walking down Friar's Crag and you hear a commotion of little birds tweeting their hearts out - it may be they spotted one! Quietly look up into the trees and see if you can see the owls; they are incredibly hard to spot, often sitting on a large branches next to the main trunk of the tree they are perched in.

Good luck!

Further Information

If you come across a young bird on or close to the ground, please leave them where they are. A young bird's parents will know they are there and will be returning to them on a regular basis. They are also surprisingly good climbers!

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By Roy Henderson

I’m the National Trust ranger for Borrowdale and Newlands in the North Lakes, UK. I volunteered for the Trust when I came on the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme aged 13. I started by building a new fence on Friars Crag to tackle an erosion problem and making paths more accessible for people with limited mobility. I enjoyed it so much that I continued to volunteer until I left school and was lucky enough to get a job with the National Trust. After working for the Trust for 29 years, I still love the job.

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