If You Go Down in the Woods Today…

Duration:2 hours or less
Activity:For kids - things to do before you're 11¾

Have you ever felt like you are being followed? That pair of eyes following you as you zig zag through the woods and the snap of the twig on the floor echoing through the peace and quiet? You shrug your shoulders and wander on thinking it was just your imagination. Well what if it wasn’t…

If you find yourself at Acorn Bank keep your eyes peeled, there are clues everywhere to a secret life beneath the leaves and behind the bark. From the car park take a stroll through the woods winding and weaving your way round, along Crowdundle beck and past the watermill. As you wander around you may find something you didn’t expect. Nestled in the nooks of trees you will find tiny little doors. Peek inside and you could be in for a big surprise, who lives in a house like this? Could it be fairies or could it be mice? Who knows...

By Nichola Shilcock

I consider myslef to be quite lucky as I have the priviledge of working accross a vast property that includes SSSI Sand Dunes, vast limestone pavements and magical woodlands. When I am not at work my priority is family and there is nothing more fun then getting outdoors with the kids and the pooch and getting back to nature. Most of my experiences focus on how to make the most of the lakes with your family and I hope you find them useful

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Acorn Bank, Temple Sowerby, Penrith

Temple Sowerby CA10 1

Ordnance Survey OL19
Howgill Fells and Upper Eden Valley

NY 617 283

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