Find a geocache

Duration:Full Day
Activity:For kids - things to do before you're 11¾

Try your hand at satellite-smart treasure hunting. All you need is a GPS device (or GPS app downloaded to a smart-phone) to lead you directly to a hidden cache. Townend near Windermere is famous for its old library full of books from ca. 1600, but the team there are embracing new technology too. See if you can find their geocache in the grounds.

You might also want to take a map with you, just incase the digital devices fail! (Being lost in the fells with only a dead GPS is not much use!). Remember to be prepared with a small trinket to put in the cache when you find it - so others can find some treasure too!

Further Information

Take a look at the geocache website to choose a location nearby to get planning your geocach hunt in the Lakes!

More information from the National Trust about geocaching

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