Call an owl in the woods at Claife Heights

Duration:2 hours or less
Activity:For kids - things to do before you're 11¾

The woods around Claife are full of wildlife and if your lucky an owl will answer your call.

The best time to spot an owl is during the winter, as many of the trees will have lost thier leaves making it easier to see the roosting owls in the tree-tops.

You could park at Red Nab car park and head up to the surrounding wooded areas such as Arthur Wood or Belle Grange; or park the car further down the west shore of Windermere at Harrowslack, a short walk to Belt Ash Coppice, Bryers Fold and Cuckoo Brow Wood.

Further Information

Watch this 50 Things video on how to call an owl if you'd like a few tips!

Hawkshead has many shops, cafes and toilet facilities.

By Jamie Preston

I originally spent 8months working with an Upland Ranger team in 2001. I then came back to the National Trust in 2010 eventually gained my current role as Ranger Volunteers managing High Wray Basecamp, the full time volunteer centre near Hawkshead.

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