Safety in the Fells

Views to Scafell Pike and Bowfell. ©National Trust Images/Joe Cornish

One of the best things about the Lakes is the variety of landscape, terrain and weather you might come across in any one day. You can easily find rough and steep ground, possibly even a crag or two, and it can be harder work that you might imagine. And, our good old Lakes weather find's it tricky to make it's mind up, just to add to the fun! But it's all part of the challenge, and the satisfaction when you're back in the pub at the end of the day to tell the tale. So, if you're heading into the fells, take a look at some of our Rangers tips below to stay safe and make your experience as enjoyable as possible.

Tip 1: Be prepared! 

You can’t beat the Scout’s motto in the hills, make sure you have some warm layers, waterproofs, good footwear, a well charged mobile phone, food and drink. The weather can turn pretty quickly, so either way it’s better to assume you’ll need some kit with you.

Tip 2: Take a map and compass

Although we’ve provided maps on this website and in our Rangers guides, we’d still recommend you take along a good map and a compass, just in case you get off route. The British Mountaineering Council (BMC) has a good map that covers the whole lakes and has handy hints on using your map and compass too.

Tip 3: Get some expert advice

 Have a read of the BMC’s ‘New Hill Walkers’ guide and/or go to the Lakes District Mountain Rescue’s Safe in the Hills website. And for the latest forecast take a look at the Lake District Weatherline