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  • Red Squirrel spotted in Wasdale

    09:03 24 August 2012
    By Richard Newman

    I dropped into the property office in Wasdale valley yesterday and while I was there a Red Squirrel was sitting on the bird feeders. So I sneaked out to my camera in the truck and took some pictures of it. It did not mind me taking the photos it stayed around for 5 minutes only 5 metres in front of me. One of my favourite wildlife experiences of the year.Red Squirrel outside the Lodge office in Wasdale

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Ranger Supervisor West Lakes - Wasdale. On my patch I have the deepest lake, tallest mountain and the smallest church in England. I have worked for the National Trust for the past 4 years at Scotney Castle, Kent and at Attingham Park in Shropshire. I have an interest in snakes, reptiles, lizards, deer, military history and I like looking over old maps seeing how landscapes have changed over many hundreds of years.

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