News from Leo Walmsley for May 2016

  • Preparing for the path repairs above Seldom Seen.

    11:49 13 May 2016
    By Ade Mills, Pete Entwistle, Leo Walmsley

    Since our last post we've been getting ready for another season of upland footpath repair. Our main project this year is on the path above Seldom Seen, in Ullswater.

    As a bit of a change from our usual blog post style, here we've documented our work using just a series photos from our Instagram account.

    We're still fairly new to Instagram, having only joined in August last year, but it's proving a really good way to share our photos and chat with people interested in our work. You don't have to be on Instagram to view our photos, you can just click on the link here to see them. If you are on Instagram though, feel free to give @NTCentralFells a follow and we love seeing your comments too.

     Carrying the heli-bags to site

     Filling the first bag

     Bag filling during one of many hail storms

     View down Glencoyne Beck, in better weather

     Filled bags ready to be flown

    View down to Ullswater while walking back from the worksite

     Lifting in the bags of rock

     Helicopter in action