News from Joe Cornforth for May 2012

  • New information panels at Derwentwater Foreshore

    13:22 10 May 2012
    By Maurice Pankhurst, Mark Astley, Jack Deane, Paul Delaney, Andy Warner , Daniel Simpson, Geoff Medd, Joe Cornforth

    Early morning on Derwentwater.  Photo Naomi Hewitt
    Friars Crag is one of the most popular places in the entire Lake District. I remember, (going back into the eighties now!) that sensor pads were set into the path to give us an indication of the popularity of the site. Results proved that in one year over a quarter of a million people took the short stroll to the Crag.  It is highly unlikely that those visitor numbers will have declined in the meantime. It is much loved and much cherished, and to the National Trust it holds a special significance, for here we commemorate one of our founders, Canon Rawnsley, and also John Ruskin, whose ideas and philosophies so influenced the early conservation movement.

    Friars Crag is the natural continuation of the Derwentwarter Foreshore. This is the busy area of the lakeshore at Keswick, with the boat landings as its popular hub. In recent years a partnership of organisations, including the National Trust, have been working together with the community, to enhance this special area that is so important to Keswick. Now that partnership is truly reaching fruition, and the results are generally considered very pleasing. Recently Rangers have been busy installing new panels that inform and hopefully inspire the many visitors to the area. One is on land owned by the National Trust, the other nearer the town, but as part of our commitmant to the partnership, the Ranger team installed both panels. Another really good example of National Trust partnership working is here: The Whitehaven Coast Project 

    More event news this time: May at Keswick is Mountain Festival time, an event that is close to the hearts of us in the North Lakes. Come and see us at our stand on Crow Park, the hub of the Festival. In addition we are putting on several events this year. Check them out here. Mountain festival Type in Borrowdale.

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The Lake District is a truly inspirational place with breathtaking scenery wherever you turn… and it has been my playground all my life.
I am the upland ranger in North West lakes, covering Borrowdale, Buttermere, and Ennerdale. I am responsible for supervising volunteer groups, repairing and maintaining over thirty six paths and also helping in the valley (walling, hedging, fencing etc). “How lucky you are” is a very regular comment as walkers pass our work sites. It does not always feel that way though, when you are wet through and battered by the winds, it feels like hard work! Yet still, I am blessed to work in such a beautiful place helping to conserve the local heritage I love.