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  • Natterjack Toad Guided Walks 18th and 25th April 2014

    15:54 17 April 2014
    By Jo Day

    It is illegal to disturb natterjack toads in any stage of their life-cycle without a license, a guided walk by our licensed rangers ensures the best experience of these amazing creatures.

    18th and 25th April 2014 7.30pm from our car park (Hawthwaite Lane, Roanhead, LA14 4QJ)
    The walk is about 1.5miles over uneven terrain and beach, passing water courses.  Please bring a torch and warm clothing.
    2014 The story so far...
    The evening of the 30th March was kick off for the new natterjack toad breeding season, as the males started calling beside the pools.
    It wasn't until the 7th April that we had actually recorded any spawn strings.  This is a freshly laid spawn string still formed as a double helix.  Looking into the water from above they look like black bootlaces.
    After a few warm days the spawn have separated in their jelly strands.
    A week on, since conditions have been suitable, they have ingested their jelly and have started to look like little black commas.

    Stay tuned to see our little babies grow up...

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Having looked across the Duddon Estuary to the lakeland fells for 3 years it was time to jump across and start working for the West Lakes team. It has been a big leap from a sand dune system but I'm getting stuck into the more practical side of "Rangering" and sharing my love of the ecological side of things with my new team. Hopefully I'll see you at our 50 things events here in Wasdale!?