News from Jo Day for August 2012

  • A 50 Things Summer!

    19:30 31 August 2012
    By Jo Day

    I’ve just been looking at the calendar trying to remember all the things that we have got up to over August and I can’t quite believe how much we fitted in!  There was hardly a day that went by where we didn’t have an event. 
    We’ve had Scout groups and Youth groups volunteering with us, as well as guided walks and kids activities.  To end the month we also had BBC Countryfile filming our Sand Sculpture event with James Wong taking part (watch us Sunday 9th September).  Don’t worry we have taken lots of photos of everything…see if you can see yourself!

    Exploring the underwater world of our stream
    Seeing new things on our Beach Events Day
    Giving James Wong a run for his money on our Sand sculpture event
    Catching shrimps might be easier with a net during our estuary dip!
    The Junior Wardens lending a hand beach cleaning
     On the 18th August a number of the Rangers from the South East Cumbria and Morecambe Bay Property gatecrashed the All England Stone Skimming Championships at Fell Foot.  We ran 24 things from the "50 things to do before you are 11 3/4" campaign.  This included things like snail racing, kite making and flying and a nature walk at night time.  The smiling faces from these photos show its success.  Well done team!

    Nearing the finish on one of the many snail races that day.
    Flying a kite you've made yourself is always more fun even if you have to run with it!
    Fireman (Ranger) Sam proving you can light a fire with out matches.
    Roasting marshmellows on their fires and the most popular activity...eating it afterwards!

News from Jo Day

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Having looked across the Duddon Estuary to the lakeland fells for 3 years it was time to jump across and start working for the West Lakes team. It has been a big leap from a sand dune system but I'm getting stuck into the more practical side of "Rangering" and sharing my love of the ecological side of things with my new team. Hopefully I'll see you at our 50 things events here in Wasdale!?