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  • One Man and His Dog

    15:34 20 August 2015
    By Ivan Corlett

    Gondola has a new mascot – my terrier, Billy.

    Billy on the jetty

    Billy’s tale is the doggy version of a rags to riches story – from the dogs’ home to the luxury of a Victorian Steam Yacht.

    He had a difficult start to life and ended up at the Yorkshire Rose Dog Rescue, which is where I first came across him.

    I liked the look of him and, although he was a little nervous, he didn’t seem to be too put off by the look of me so I offered to foster him. Once we’d got to know each other I started to bring him on Gondola where he gradually came out of his shell.

    He’s now showing off his true personality and living the life of Riley, spending summer days on board the boat with the wind in his fur. What could be better?

    Billy looking at Coniston fells

    He’s a real hit with the passengers and managed to get actress Penelope Keith to fall for him during her recent filming day on Gondola. She even asked if she could take him home with her.

    Penelope Keith

    In fact she had me so worried that I immediately phoned Yorkshire Rose Dog Rescue to push through my formal adoption of Billy.

    Now we’re living our own version of the Good Life here on Coniston Water. He seems quite happy about that.

    Billy and Ivan

    Billy isn’t territorial and is always pleased to see other dogs on board Gondola. Our Weekend Walkers’ cruise is very popular with dog walkers – a great combination of a boat trip down the full length of the lake followed by a walk above the eastern or western shores.

    Billy and I hope to see you on board soon.

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Steam Yacht Gondola Crewman.

While working as a Fix The Fells volunteer on the upland paths, cold & soaked through, I saw the beautiful sight of Gondola way below on Coniston Water, so with a background of deep sea marine engineering and steam I thought that would be a nice, warm, dry place to be!

I applied to join the crew in 2008, got the job and have never looked back. I absolutely love it, but the real pleasure is meeting and talking to so many lovely people from all around the world.