News from Daniel Simpson for January 2012

  • Acting on information received

    15:27 18 January 2012
    By Maurice Pankhurst, Mark Astley, Jack Deane, Paul Delaney, Andy Warner , Daniel Simpson, Geoff Medd

    Tuesday morning bright & early, Jack and I grabbed a chainsaw, got our gear and headed off down to the path linking Crow Park to the Isthmus. Taking a ribbon of dry land surrounded by some very swampy ground, it is a popular path especially for many of the local Keswick dogwalkers. The wet ground allows Willows to flourish, and windy weather occasionally bends them right over causing the path to be obstructed. Half an hour with the chainsaw and the problem was sorted.

    But how did we get to know about the problem in the first place? The area we cover here in the North Lakes is vast, it is impossible for us to get out and find all of the problems. Fortunately for us we have a largely anonymous, unknown, but much appreciated army of informants, that during the course of a walk, or climb, or sail, or drive, spot things that need a quick fix, and then let us know that something is amiss. The lady who found the trees gave us a quick telephone call, and the problem was soon resolved. We always appreciate this, and it is absolutely essential to how we work. So this little piece is not about clearing damaged trees, but rather it is to say thank you, and keep up the good work!
  • Whither the weather

    14:23 18 January 2012
    By Maurice Pankhurst, Jack Deane, Paul Delaney, Andy Warner , Daniel Simpson

    Our work here in the northern Lake District is normally carried out to prepared plans. So, as you will have already read in previous Blogs, most of our winter time work is taken up with hedgerow maintenance. You can work on hedgerows in most weathers apart from heavy consistent frosts. So the appallingly wet and warm winter that we are enduring (oh for the winter wonderland of the past two years!) has been ideal. Over the weekend the rain finally gave out and the beautiful North Lakes were alive with people enjoying the cold crisp sunny days.

    Come Monday and the weather was holding, so it was a case of taking advantage, temporarily dropping the planned work, and getting some outstanding resurfacing work at Braithwaite finally completed. In conservation work it always pays to take a flexible approach. Oh and checking the weather forecast also helps. Incidentally in my experience, the much maligned weather forecasters get it right far more often than wrong!

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I have been working as a Ranger for the North Lakes property in the Buttermere and Ennerdale valleys for 1 year. From always living on a hill farm in the Lake District, I have formed a strong connection with this beautiful scenery that we are surrounded by. So I take great pride in carrying out activities such as walling and hedgelaying that maintains this landscape. As well as giving guided farm walks and helping with events.